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Goods & Service Tax has been the talk of the town for quite some time. We can assist you in every possible ways to get your Business GST Ready. 

This includes Registering your Business as per GST, creating the Invoice Formats & Filing the Returns. 

GST Registration

Within 4 Working Days! 

i. Do you have   Inter State Supply of  Goods or Services?

ii. Is your   turnover > INR 20,00,000   in  FY 2016-17 ? 

iii. Are you an   E- Commerce Seller/  Developer?

iv. Are you an  Existing Tax Payer  registered under VAT/ST?

v. Are you a Casual Taxable Person with Seasonal Business?

vi. Do you want to do  Voluntary Registration of GST?


The Act prescribes specific points to be included in the Invoices. There are various Invoice Templates as per the new system. 

We can guide you completely with regards to the usage of Invoices under GST. 



Every organization registered under the GST Act shall file Returns on a PERIODICAL BASIS prescribed by the Rules. There are specific forms & formats for the same which can be downloaded as under.

CBS Pursuits can help you with Filing your GSTR on time.


gst accounting

We assist you to pass the right accounting entries with respect to GST Act and its relevant treatment in the booksof accounts. There are various softwares including Tally which provides GST Accounting.


Proper guidance and support in the initial stages is a necessity for the proper growth of the business.


input tax credit

Every registered person shall be entitled to take the credit of eligible input tax, as self assessed, in his return and such amount shall be credited on a provisional basis to his electronic credit ledger. 

Such credit shall be utilised only for the payment of Output Tax which has been self assessed as per the return filed by him. 




No Tax Collection; Just pay % of Turnover!

The Small business entities having turnover Less than INR 75,00,000 can opt for the Composition scheme.


The Taxpayer has to make intimation every year in Form CMP-01 to get benefit of composition scheme. 


GST Refunds

Let us support you in the fight for Justice. 

The Acts give all the rights to the Taxpayers to Claim refund of taxes or Input Tax Credit for various reasons. 

An application can be filed Online through GSTN Common Portal within TWO YEARS from the date of payment of Tax. 



An E-Way Bill has to be generated before the movement of Goods where the value of consignment  is exceeding INR 50,000.  FORM GST INS - 1 has to be filed. And E-Way Bill Number - EBN will be generated. 

We, at CBS Pursuits help our Clients to generate EBN and make their job easier with regards to Transportation of Goods.



The Harmonised System is an international nomenclature for the classification of Products/ Commodities; maintained by World Customs Organization.

Entities whose turnover is less than INR 1,50,00,000 need not mention HSN Code in their Invoices. 



There are multiple GST Softwraes available in the market. But which one to choose? Which one can solve our issues in the best way is a Herculean task for many.  

Being Expert group of Professionals, we can assist you in choosing the best software and making it ready for your Business. 

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